Martian probe said goodbye to earthlings

InSight sent a new photo and warned that his strength was running out. We tell what happened to the conqueror of the Red Planet.

Problems with the operation of the InSight lander became known back in May 2022. Then NASA experts reported that dust storms literally fall asleep the device and its solar panels. Because of this, it does not receive enough energy to power the systems.

New data confirms InSight is in critical condition. “My power is very low, so this may be the last image I can send,” the probe said in a tweet. “But don’t worry about me: my time here has been productive and serene.”

The space probe arrived at Mars in November 2018. He was supposed to study the seismic activity of the Red Planet, and the device coped well with this task. Over the entire period of his work, he recorded more than 1300 marsquakes, with the help of which scientists investigated the internal structure of the planet.

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