Meteorite fall observed in southern Brazil

At dawn this Wednesday (27) a meteorite crossed the sky in three states of southern Brazil: Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. According to the Brazilian Meteorological Observation Network (BRAMON), the phenomenon was recorded by at least 8 cameras.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the meteorite passed through Bom Prinicipio and Tacaral. In Santa Catarina, cameras from Florianopolis, Morro Grande and Monte Castelo recorded images of a fireball crossing the sky, which also appeared in the Paraná cities of Telemaco Borba and Curitiba.

According to the website Clima ao Vivo, the SC suggests that the glow began over the municipality of Benedito Novo and disappeared five seconds later over Garuva, near the border of the state of Paraná.

According to Josimar Justino de Souza, operator of BRAMON in Monte Castelo, the speed of the object was estimated at more than 70,000 kilometers per hour and the team of the scientific institution is still working on a more detailed analysis of the event that occurred.

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