Meteorite fall observed over northeastern Brazil

A bright fireball swept over northeastern Brazil. The phenomenon was observed by residents of Paraíba, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte.

According to a video captured by the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network (BRAMON), the meteorite appeared over the Atlantic Ocean at an altitude of 99.2 km and about 110 km east of Rio Grande do Norte.

The meteorite moved in a northwesterly direction, parting the sky until it dissipated at an altitude of 36.3 km, 53 km from Natal.

According to BRAMON, the fireball traveled a distance of 89.7 km and lasted five seconds, corresponding to an average speed of 64,600 km/h.

Based on the speed and brightness of the meteorite, the object probably weighed between 20 and 60 kg, of which 5 kg could have formed meteorites that could have fallen into the Atlantic Ocean.

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