Milky Way over the brown waterfalls

Photographer Dustin Dilworth visited the waterfalls of Takwamenon in Michigan and created this beautiful 45-second time-lapse video. Milky Way over the waterfalls of brown color – a striking sight!

“Look closer and notice the meteors from the meteor shower of Lyrida,” writes Dilworth. In the forest on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, the glitter of distant cities can not outshine the fantastic starry landscape.

Dilworth used the software to calculate the stars’ path across the sky, and in accordance with this planned shooting. He made about 6,000 photographs early in the morning on April 19. The video was published for the International Dark Skies Week, which is held to raise awareness about light pollution.

The waterfalls of Takwamenon are known for their unusual brown color. The color of the water is explained by tannins, phenolic compounds of plant origin, which fall into the waterfalls from the cedar bogs upstream. Maximum height of waterfalls is more than 60 meters.

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