Minor planet of the Solar system called Bernard

A small planet in the Solar system will now be officially known as Bernard Bowen (Bernardbowen) because Australian Association of Amateur astronomers called the SkyNet won the contest prize of which was the opportunity to name the celestial body.

This minor planet was named International centre for radio astronomy research (International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, ICRAR) in honor of its founder and Chairman Dr Bernard Bowen.

Planet Bernardbowen located in the Main asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and revolves around our planet with a period of 3.26 years.

This small planet was opened on October 28, 1991 to the present time has been known to scientists as (6196) 1991 UO4.

Part of the ICRAR, the project theSkyNet began to work since 2011 and involves the use of capacities of computers Amateur astronomers to solve new mysteries of the Universe.

The 50,000 volunteers that are members of this Association participated in the contest held by the International astronomical Union, the prize of which was the opportunity to name a planet located outside the Solar system. In addition, the founders of the project ICRAR has also won the right to call, at its discretion, a small planet located in the Solar system.

Currently, small planet Bernardbowen is one of the seventeen small planets with their own name.

Dr. Bowen has made a significant contribution to science, founded the organization of ICRAR in 2009, and also contributed to the placement of the grid of radio telescopes the Square Kilometre Array in Western Australia.

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