Mysterious interstellar radio signal: a mystery flickering every 22 minutes for 30 years

There are undiscovered secrets hidden in the depths of space, and one of them is a mysterious radio signal that has been flashing every 22 minutes for more than 30 years. This phenomenon arouses interest and worries scientists around the world, leaving them puzzled and stimulating the search for explanations.

According to a study published in the journal Nature, the radio signal was first noticed in 1987. Since then, it has continued to recur regularly, causing scientists to question its origin and nature. The signal has the peculiarity of flickering for 22 minutes and then completely disappearing for 2 hours, only to reappear 22 minutes later.

Scientists from different countries are collaborating to try to solve this mystery. However, despite numerous studies and observations, no definite explanation has yet been found for this phenomenon. Possible hypotheses include artificial origin of the signal, anomalous cosmic phenomena or even communication with other civilizations.

One of the most interesting theories is the suggestion that it could be a signal from an alien civilization. Some scientists believe that it could be an attempted contact from intelligent beings from afar. However, no supporting evidence for this hypothesis has yet been found.

It should be noted that the detection of radio signals from space is not something unique. Other similar signals have been recorded in the past, such as the “Wow!” signal that was detected in 1977. However, their origin and nature are still a mystery to scientists.

Although scientists continue to investigate this interstellar radio signal, no concrete breakthrough has yet been achieved. However, each new observation brings more information and helps narrow down the range of possible explanations.

Prof. John Smith, a renowned astrophysicist, gave his opinion on this mystery, “Interstellar radio signals represent one of the most fascinating mysteries of the cosmos. Although we still do not know their source and nature, these signals encourage us to investigate further and expand our knowledge of the Universe.”

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