Mysterious radio flares from the constellation Leo

Astronomers with the help of ASKAP radiointerferometer, nicknamed “The Eye of Sauron”, found fast radio flares of rare type, the source of which is unknown. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

The signals captured by the instrument last only a few milliseconds. Scientists have determined that they originate from the constellation of Leo and arose, presumably, several billion light years from Earth.

The researchers recorded a radio flare when only 8 of the 36 “plates” of the interferometer were in operation. This allowed astronomers to follow the sky area of ​​240 square degrees.

According to astronomers, the impulse named FRB170107 was “seen” only because it was powerful. However, scientists believe that they will be able to catch even weaker signals if they use additional antennas.

The first fast radio pulse was detected in 2001 by the Parks radio telescope of the State Association of Scientific and Applied Research of Australia, the data from which were processed only by 2007. Since then, more than 10 such signals have been confirmed.

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