Mysterious radio signals are issued alien space ships

American astronomers have named the possible usage of fast radio bursts — signals, which, as suggested by the authors, can be produced by alien civilizations.

The parameters of bursts, according to the authors, are suitable for dispersal in space ships on light sails. This, scientists believe, is additional evidence in favor of the signals generated by alien civilizations.

The researchers also assessed the time within which such impulses, but coming from the milky Way, will be registered as inhabitants of the Earth. This can happen in about 300 years. The signal itself will come from a distance of 10-20 kiloparsec, and its spectral flux density of radiation is ten to a hundred billion Yang.

The source of fast radio bursts (short bursts leading to the release of space huge energy) are still different from the milky Way galaxy. To date, 17 of such signals, whose origin is still not clear.

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