Named the most terrible places in the universe

Forbes magazine has compiled a ranking of places in the Universe whose view scares people.

The leader of the list was the Dark Nebula SH2-136, distant from Earth for 1200 light years. As a result of complex star formation processes, cosmic dust clouds of various shapes and sizes appeared there. Weakly highlighted by stars, they resemble ghosts. Therefore, SH2-136 is most often called the Ghost Nebula.

The second place is occupied by a plerion called “The Hand of God.” It is a nebula that feeds the wind of a pulsar (a celestial body that emits radio waves in the form of pulses).

A pulsar known as PSR B1509-58 or B1509
The third position belongs to NGC 246 – the planetary nebula “Skull” in the constellation Kit.

Planetary Nebula “NGC 246” in the constellation Kit
The top ten also included a cloud of interstellar gas IRAS 05437 + 2502, the nebula NGC 2080 (Ghost Head), a cluster of Perseus x-rays, the Face Face on Mars hill in Cydonia, the near-earth asteroid 2015 TB-145, the NGC 3918 nebula ( “The Eye of Sauron”), as well as the group of three galaxies ESO 593-IG 008 (“Bird”).

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