NASA first saw the origin of the solar wind

Solar wind — the stream megaconservancy particles, most of which is helium-hydrogen plasma, flowing from the solar corona. The first direct measurements of the solar wind was held in 1959. Despite further investigation, the details of the formation of this flux was unclear. It is known that in the area of the corona the solar wind is structured, whereas in approaching the Land becomes turbulent properties.

To clarify the process of transition radiation of the corona in the solar wind allowed the image obtained by the STEREO mission (eng. Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory). It involves two identical spacecraft, one of which lags the other overtakes the Earth to observe the Sun from different positions. The result of these observations is a stereoscopic effect that allows the researchers to obtain three-dimensional images of phenomena and structures in the Sun.

In particular, the image analysis confirmed the hypothesis about the presence on the edge of the solar corona transition zone — the moment when the magnetic field decreases and the substance becomes gas rather than plasma. According to co-sponsor the work of Craig Deforest, scattering of radiation in this case is similar with the spray from a water gun until a certain time, it forms a single stream, then breaks up into drops and finally turns into a cloud of spray.


Отмечается, что фиксация момента истечения солнечного ветра из короны играет важную роль в понимании Солнца в целом. Кроме того, открытие позволит прояснить природу феноменов, порождаемых таким ветром. Так, благодаря солнечному ветру существует граница гелиосферы, препятствующая проникновению межзвездного газа в Солнечную систему. На планетах последней солнечный ветер порождает такие явления, как полярные сияния, магнитосфера, радиационные пояса и другие.

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