NASA has announced a sensational statement about extraterrestrial life

NASA announced the holding of a press conference, during which, presumably, will be represented by sensational data on the question of extraterrestrial life. Besides him, the event will make the reports of the geologist, Pamela Conrad, specializing in the study of Mars, oceanographer Felisa of Full-Simon, a leading research process of photosynthesis and another biologist Steven Benner.

National aerospace Agency of the United States of America has announced a press conference, during which, as expected, will be announced sensational news concerning extraterrestrial life. The theme of the conference will be “astrobiology discovery”.

A sensational statement about the aliens that would blow the scientific world, NASA is going to do. On a press-conferences experts of the National aerospace Agency of the USA will make a statement on extraterrestrial life relating to “astrobiological discoveries”. Among them: the biologist Steven Benner, geologist, Pamela Conrad, oceanographer Felisa of Full-Simon, and ecologist James Elser. As reported by several media outlets, they are studying Mars in different directions. NASA announced the holding of a press conference, during which it is planned to present the sensational facts concerning extraterrestrial life. It is expected that the conference will be disclosed to the theme of “astrobiology findings”.

Meanwhile, some astronomers doubt that the space Agency can ever decide on such a move. According to astrophysicists, if researchers wanted to share the secret data with the rest of humanity about the existence of aliens, it would have done it long ago. According to astronomer Phil Plait, the participants (most likely) restricted to a discussion of the classical view, the statement of the new assumptions about the existence of aliens and their possible habitat. It is reported that the exact date of the press conference will clarify at the end of July.

According to some scientists-futurists, one of the threats that may lie in wait for mankind is the contact with aliens. The fact is that, as suggested by some experts that an alien intelligence is ahead of the current stage of the evolution of humans, therefore, everything could end very badly. However, it is too early to speak about the reality of such a possible meeting at the same time, it is not excluded that soon we will have surprises.

In particular, according to some Western media, National aerospace Agency of the United States of America (NASA) plans to soon hold a sensational press conference, which is expected to make a statement regarding extraterrestrial life. According to available information, the American experts prepared to tell us about some of the facts, to share their hypotheses about the aliens, also scheduled a debate that will be based on the available evidence of the existence of aliens.

Some scientists have already assumed that the alleged press conference I will be talking mainly about the biological life on another planet, however, NASA representatives is unlikely to publish direct evidence of the existence of aliens. However, it is already known that the mentioned event will be attended by scientists from around the world, and UFO-fans. While the press conference is in preparation and the date of its implementation will be published next week.

Famous British scientist, physicist and futurist Stephen Hawking once again surprised the world scientific community new hypotheses in relation to the nature and properties of black holes. In particular, according to him, through those holes, people can travel to new worlds and even new galaxies. Until now, scientists had a different idea about the cosmic phenomenon, because it is considered that the black hole arises when it begins to collapse the star. In a very small space concentrates a huge amount of energy, and destroys everything that is coming. A huge force of attraction does not leave black holes, even those objects that are moving at the speed of light. Therefore, they are invisible.

Professor Hawking believes that in the transition region between them and the space is concentrated the limitless mass of information. On his website, he writes: “the black hole has a boundary, which I call the event horizon. This is the point to which light is drawn. The one who will step over this horizon will move like Canoeing in Niagara falls. If you sail fast enough, you will lose. … From a distance no one can see the intersection of the horizon. To the outside world you’ll be lost forever. So from the outside it’s impossible to say what is a black hole. But because she pulls, it contains much information.

Hawking also argues that “the other side” will most likely live aliens. That is why they can’t come into our world. However, British scientists believe that contact with them is undesirable. “If aliens visit us, it may end the same way as for America, when it was discovered by Columbus. The indigenous people had bad,” warned Hawking.

Stephen Hawking is widely known for his theories about black holes and gravity, in addition, he regularly makes apocalyptic predictions about what will happen on Earth as it is in the distant future and in the medium term. As reported, according to Hawking, humans can at some point disappear completely, at the same time, he calls a few main reasons that can cause this to happen.

Hawking believes that the threat to modern humanity may be the invasion of alien creatures. Recall that back in 2010 Stephen Hawking has expressed the view that, if alien intelligent life exists, it is unlikely to be friendly to people. “If they (the aliens from the space – Ed.) someday will come, humans will be in the position of the Indians after landing on the American continent of Christopher Columbus” — said the scientist on his show on the Discovery Channel. Hawking speculated that such aliens might be nomads, who colonized all the planets encountered on the way. “Every planet they can use as a source of material for the construction of the new spacecraft,” predicted renowned scientist, futurist Hawking. By the way, this issue with Hawking solidarity CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk, who also calls artificial intelligence “biggest threat to our existence”.

However, these two experts agree far not all scientists. So, some light of science believe that present mankind is not able to create an artificial intelligence in its capabilities comparable to human. “We are several decades from the time when you can start to worry. Although it is good that the conversation started today,” says Demis, Hassabis, member of the large-scale project on creation of artificial intelligence Google DeepMind.

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