NASA has published a video of the death of near-sun comets

A comet, rushing at speeds exceeding a million miles an hour, met his end this week, as I came to close to the Sun. The apparatus Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spotted the object 1 August and managed to photograph the moment of his death, which came on August 3-4.

NASA has published a video with a comment that the comet does not hit the star and was torn apart and vaporized it. Blinding Sun is hidden from the audience, and its boundary marked by a white circle. Scientists believe that this comet is one of a family of comets Kreutz, that is, a group of comets whose orbits were previously the same, but a few centuries ago was divided.

SOHO spacecraft to observe the Sun set beyond the earth’s orbit, at Lagrange point L1 in 1995. The project is overseen by ESA and NASA.

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