NASA has published an archive of images of the Martian surface

New data obtained through system MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MRO) is a multifunctional automatic interplanetary station, which scans the surface of Mars from its orbit since 2006.

Station MRO was launched from Cape Canaveral in 2005 and entered orbit around the red planet on 10 March 2006. MRO contains a number of scientific instruments such as cameras, spectrometers, radars that are used for terrain analysis, stratigraphy, minerals and ice on Mars. The station is also research weather conditions on the red planet and search for possible landing sites for shuttles and Mars Rovers.

For all the time spent in orbit, the station helped collect quite a few interesting facts, for example, to detect on Mars, deposits of glass and provide x-rays that some scientists concluded that the planet when it could be water.

The uniqueness of the images that for many of them the landscapes are very much earth-like. So maybe our planet have much more in common than we thought. Moreover, if images obtained previously helped scientists to draw conclusions about the presence of water, who knows what they can see on the pictures now and what discoveries await us?

But in order to do some discovery on your own or simply admire the beauty of the red planet, enough to pass on Mars.

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