NASA prepares to meet aliens

NASA reported that for several years the work on creation of a special device-an interpreter for communication with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to scientists, the problem of communication with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations is one of the main. The chances that they use the same or similar articulation as we the people, are extremely small, because the information transfer can be carried out in many other ways, such as energy or telepathic.

Even if the aliens would communicate using sounds the human ear can perceive only from 85 to 24 thousand Hertz, and hearing the aliens can have a much broader or completely different range. NASA is working on a device that can analyze the actions of the aliens, and to translate them into words and gestures that are understandable to people.

According to astrophysicists, is now in the Universe can exist about ten billions of worlds inhabited by intelligent beings.

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