NASA proposed to build a tunnel to Mars

The head of the Department of planetary Sciences, NASA Jim green has offered to produce a magnetic tunnel, which would allow to protect Mars from hazardous cosmic rays and contributed to the terraforming (the creation of a livable climate) of the planet.

A planetary scientist offers to create between the Sun and Mars magnetic shield. The latter would represent a huge electric dipole, which generates a magnetic field sufficient to protect the red planet from the streams of charged cosmic particles. The structure of the force field suggests that Mars would be inside the tunnel, formed by the lines of force containment field.
The shield must stand in the position of the L1 — Lagrange point on the straight line connecting Mars and the Sun. Magnetic field, according to Greene, over time contributes to the formation of an atmosphere on Mars — in ancient times, about 90 percent of it was blown into space by solar radiation.

Based on the calculations of the scientist, a few years after the appearance of the protective field, the atmospheric pressure on Mars can reach half of that on Earth. This happens due to the greenhouse effect, which will begin to melt the polar caps and probably a few hundred million years melts the seventh part of the planet’s oceans. The idea of the scientist, in his opinion, could be implemented by 2050.

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