NASA recognized the existence of the planet Nibiru

Scientists of the space agency NASA have officially confirmed the existence of the “planet-killer” Nibiru. Scientists have published a report describing a planet 20 times farther from the Sun than Neptune

The report notes that the mysterious “planet X” really exists. Its distance from the Sun is 20 times the distance of Neptune relative to the star. This cosmic body has a mass ten times greater than the terrestrial body. Astronomers suggest that “planet X” makes a complete revolution around the star for 10-20 thousand Earth years.

Experts of the California Institute of Technology found evidence of the existence of the planet. The head of NASA’s planetary branch, Jim Green, noted that for him, as a scientist, the possibility of the existence of a new planet is an exciting assumption.

At the moment, all statements that speak of the existence of such a planet are theoretical models based on limited observational data. Nevertheless, the study is the start of the process, which can lead to an amazing result, according to the NASA website.

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