NASA revealed “cosmic bubbles”

Although the Hubble telescope is still “on sick leave” (but almost ready to be back in service), the agency also has other means of space exploration. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (LJE) demonstrated truly stunning images from the Spitzer Space Telescope, which looked into the Milky Way to detect the giant cosmic bubbles that the Cat’s Paw Nebula continues to “blow”.

As the PJE explains, these large bubbles are actually clouds of heated gas surrounding the new stars, which are rooted in the massive clouds of dust that make up the nebula.

“Surrounded by green clouds, bright red bubbles dominate the image, which was created using data from the two Spitzer tools,” explains the airfoil. “After the gas and dust inside the nebula collapses to form stars, they can, in turn, heat the compressed gas surrounding them, causing it to expand into space and create bubbles.”

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