NASA shares amazing footage of powerful solar flare

“Solar flares are powerful bursts of energy. They usually occur in active regions, that is, in regions on the Sun marked by a strong presence of magnetic fields. As these magnetic fields develop, they can reach a point of instability and release energy in many forms, including electromagnetic radiation, which is observed in the form of solar flares.

The last powerful flash, which was noticed on January 20, was captured on video. It was posted online later. See how it all went:

Emissions of matter from the stellar corona can affect radio communications, electrical networks, navigation signals and pose a danger to spacecraft and astronauts, so they are constantly monitored. The Parker Solar Probe is also studying solar activity. Not so long ago, he “touched” the star and sent new photos.

With the help of technology, scientists are trying to get as close as possible to the Sun and explore the mysteries of the star, including the features of the superheated atmosphere, the formation of the solar wind and solar flares.

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