NASA showed Cat Paw in the constellation Scorpio

NASA has published a photo of the emission nebula NGC 6334 in the constellation Scorpio, which scientists gave the name Cat’s Paw.

The picture was taken using the Spitzer space telescope, which is capable of receiving an image through dense clouds of gas and dust.

The space object is located at a distance of 4200-5500 light years from Earth. Nebula got its name because of the bubbles of hot air, similar to the pads of the cat’s paws. After the gas and dust inside NGC 6334 collapses to form stars, bright celestial bodies can, in turn, heat the surrounding gas under pressure, causing it to expand into space and create bubbles.

Emission nebula – a cloud of ionized gas, emitting in the visible color range of the spectrum. Ionization occurs due to high-energy photons from the nearest hot star.

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