NASA showed the map of Mimas

Mimas, the satellite of Saturn, due to the giant crater Herschel on its surface, is extremely similar to Darth Veidr’s famous super-weapon from the “Star Wars”. NASA has provided the most detailed map to date of the “Death Star” surface.

Detailed images of Mimas were made by the NASA Cassini spacecraft in November 2016 and February 2017. Maps capture an area of ​​198.2 kilometers in length, in some areas the resolution of images reaches 216 meters per pixel.
This is not the first map of Mimas, but an updated version presented in August 2012. The new map shows in more detail the western and eastern hemisphere, as well as the southern pole of the satellite.

Photo: Cassini Imaging Team

The diameter of Mimas is 400 kilometers – it is the 20th largest satellite of the planet in the solar system. He managed to become famous due to the huge crater Herschel with a diameter of 130 kilometers and a depth of 10 kilometers, named after the discoverer of the planet. Obviously, the reason for the formation of the crater is a collision with a large asteroid. The map is available for viewing in the journal NASA.

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