NASA will soon announce about the “amazing” discovery on ice Europe

NASA will announce new findings related to Jupiter’s moon Europe, under the surface which is ocean water, at a press conference, which will take place at 14:00 local time (18:00 GMT) on Monday 26 September.

“Astronomers will present the results of a unique campaign for the observation of Europe, which was astonishing evidence of the presence on Europe activity, perhaps associated with the presence of a subsurface ocean,” wrote NASA officials in a press release on Tuesday, September 20.

These new results were made possible thanks to the space telescope of NASA “Hubble”, said officials from NASA.

Astrobiologists think of Europe as one of the best candidates for the detection of extraterrestrial life in the Solar system. Under the icy crust of this moon of Jupiter with a diameter of 3,100 miles, is a giant ocean of liquid water

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