New evidence that the moon can be a spaceship

Ufologists have found new evidence in favor of the version that the moon is a space ship.
They referred, first, to the studies according to which a satellite older than Earth is about 8 million years old. Earlier it was believed that the Moon was formed as a result of a collision with the Earth of an asteroid and the subsequent disconnection of a large part of our planet.
There is also the assumption that there is a void inside the Moon, since its density is much larger than the earth’s density. This theory arose after the device “rang” during the descent of “Apollo-12” to an object in 1969. The magnetic field of the satellite is ambiguous: the mountains are magnetized, and the object itself is absent.
In addition, ufologists say that the Earth’s satellite is too “stable”: it was not bombarded by asteroids during observations, its orbit does not change, and no incidents occur on it. This may indicate that the Moon is of an artificial origin and, in particular, may be a spaceship.

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