New findings of Curiosity dobili the mysteries associated with water on ancient Mars

Researchers of Mars collided with the problem. An extensive set of geological evidence indicates that on the surface of ancient Mars sometimes was a fairly large amount of water that was flowing in rivers and collected in reservoirs. However, in the epoch of the young Sun were given three times less heat than today, and therefore, experts on climate models encounter difficulties when you try to create scenarios in which Mars would have been warm enough that water could exist on it in liquid form.

The most popular hypothesis is designed to resolve this contradiction, says that ancient Mars had a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide accumulating heat. However, according to the results of a new analysis of data collected with the help of the Martian Rover NASA’s Curiosity Rover 3.5 billion years ago on the red planet could be so much carbon dioxide to provide sufficient for melting of water ice intensity caused by the greenhouse effect.

In the same underlying rocks, where Curiosity has previously found sediments from ancient lake, which hypothetically could develop micro-organisms have now been discovered evidence that ancient Mars is actually harder than we think. Instrument Chemistry and Mineralogy (CheMin) is not recorded in the layers of this breed is the presence of even insignificant amounts of carbonates – which was bound to occur in that case, if the atmosphere of ancient Mars was rich in carbon dioxide. To explain this fact one would assume that the carbonates are simply dissolved in water, having an acid reaction, but the presence of other minerals such as magnetite and clay minerals in the overlying rock layers indicate that the reaction of groundwater on Mars ever since it became sour.

Currently, scientists are considering this dilemma, considering the variety of different ideas with the potential to reconcile these conflicting data, but the decision has not yet been found.

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