New Ocean Planet Discovered Near Earth: Mysteries and Possibilities

The universe constantly surprises us with its infinite versatility. Recently, astronomers have discovered a new planet located in a not too distant cosmic neighborhood with Earth. However, the most amazing thing about this discovery is the presence of a huge ocean on the surface of this planet. Let’s take a closer look and examine all the details of this amazing discovery.

A planet called GJ 357 d

The new planet has been named GJ 357 d and is located at a distance of about 31 light years from Earth. It is one of three planets orbiting the star GJ 357. Observations have shown that GJ 357 d is in the habitable zone of its star, which means that liquid water could exist on its surface.

The ocean on GJ 357 d

The most exciting aspect of the discovery is the presence of a huge ocean on GJ 357 d. Scientists speculate that this ocean may be similar to Earth’s, with an abundance of water and a variety of marine life. This opens up new possibilities for studying exoplanets and searching for signs of life in space.

The search for life in the Universe

The discovery of a planet with an ocean so close to Earth pushes us to become more active in the search for life in the universe. Scientists have long sought answers to questions about whether there are other life forms in the universe, and the discovery of GJ 357 d brings us closer to possible answers.

Interstellar travel

The discovery of GJ 357 d also sparks interest in the possibility of interstellar travel. Although the distance to this planet is still vast, our ability to detect and study such planets is getting closer to reality. This could be the basis for future missions and exploration in space.

History of discovery

The discovery of GJ 357 d was made by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), launched by NASA in 2018. TESS scans the sky, looking for transits of planets in front of their stars. This allows scientists to discover new exoplanets and study their characteristics.

Prof. Jonathan Ford, an exoplanet expert, expressed his opinion on the discovery of GJ 357 d:

‘This is an exciting discovery that confirms that Earth-like planets can exist in our vicinity. This opens up new possibilities for studying our Universe and searching for other life forms

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