NGC 4696 galaxy on a surprising photo of Hubble

Thanks to powerful space observatory of Hubble the elliptic galaxy in Tsefey has been in more detail studied.

It is about the brightest galaxy in the constellation of the Centaur. She has a set of various designations, including: NGC 4696, ESO 322-91, MCG −7-26-51, AM 1246-410, DRCG 56-39, DCL 242, PGC 43296. This elliptic galaxy is located in 150 million light years from Earth. She has been opened on May 7, 1826 by the English astronomer James Danlop.

At NGC 4696 galaxy quite interesting neighbourhood: she is surrounded with a huge number of other elliptic dwarfish galaxies.

In the photo given below the piece of a galaxy 45 000 light years long is visible. The picture has been taken by means of the space telescope of Hubble.

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