Nibiru will cause irreversible changes to the Earth in 2017

Researchers dealing with the issue of Planet X or as it is called the planet Nibiru, said that this mysterious planet is inexorably approaching the Earth and from September to January 2017 on our planet due to the impact of Nibiru, there will be a catastrophic and irreversible changes.

By calculations of experts already on the Ground is a significant influence of Nibiru on our planet by 1 degree per day, and 13 September 2017 this figure will reach 25 degrees.

The approach of planet X will cause a pole shift of the earth that will lead to catastrophic melting of glaciers and the incredible magnitude of the rise in global sea level. Huge waves with a height of over 100 meters, fall on the continents and destroy everything alive.

The earth will be shaken by a mega-earthquake the magnitude of which will exceed 11 points on the Richter scale, and on the surface of the planet will rage giant storms and hurricane-force winds of great power. Volcanoes of the planet will begin eruption – all at once, including the famous super volcano Yellowstone. The warm Gulf stream will stop and the Earth will begin a terrible ice age.

Actually one of the pole shift will be enough that our civilization has ceased to exist. As for planet X (Nibiru), then more recently, scientists openly ridiculed the very possibility of its existence, and now somehow all at once stopped laughing and excitedly reported the discovery of the 10th planet, which turns out to be really exists, really affects the entire Solar system and even the Sun.

However, one question remains – Yes, the planet Nibiru is approaching and it will cease to exist in our civilization, what to do? It is believed that plans for the colonization of Mars and the moon appeared suddenly and not just the elite of our world, just long known about the existence of a real threat posed by Nibiru and preparing his own versions of salvation.


What about us mere mortals? Nothing. According to legend the civilization of the Sumerians, which is in contact with the natives of the planet Nibiru – the Anunnaki, they even then, thousands of years ago was extremely advanced technology that allowed to minimize the impact from the proximity of the planet to the Ground. It is hoped that the planet X still there is an intelligent civilization that controls its flight.

Let the elite go to Mars and we, wait for the arrival of an alien race. Who knows, maybe we are not waiting for the end, and the flourishing of our civilization with the help of a powerful race of aliens…

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