Noctilucent clouds over the British Isles

NASA said the first noctilucent clouds of the season this year on may 24. These first clouds were thin and weak. A big difference is observed after a week — display of noctilucent clouds was powerful and bright. Last night, June 2, electrically blue phenomenon in the sky was observed over the British Isles.

As told to Matt Robinson, documenting noctilucent clouds in Northumberland, UK, a striking display in the sky continued for several hours. If this symptom is only the beginning of the season noctilucent clouds, but this year he will be an outstanding and memorable.

Noctilucent clouds float at the edge of space at more than 80 km above the surface of our planet. They are filled with tiny ice crystals. When sun rays fall on crystals, clouds glow electrically blue light.

Noctilucent clouds were first observed in the 19th century after the eruption of the volcano Krakatau. At that time people thought that clouds were caused by the eruption, but the eruption of Krakatoa ended, the clouds remained. In recent years noctilucent clouds appear more often and in different parts of the world, they have increased and spread far South to Utah and Colorado. This may be a sign of increased emissions of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, scientists say.

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