On Earth, the most powerful geomagnetic storm rages

On Earth, a powerful geomagnetic storm is raging caused by increased solar activity and as a consequence of it a series of powerful flares of class M and X. The level of geomagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere of our planet reached a record Kp9 and is kept at the level of the maximum scale of magnetic storms Kp8 with drops up to Kp7, Kp6.

G5 – Kp> 8 A very strong geomagnetic storm. Universal problems can arise with the regulation of the voltage of the industrial power grid and the problems in the operation of protective systems. Power systems in general and transformer substations in particular can completely fail or shut down (induced currents can reach hundreds of amperes). HF communication, GPS navigation and mid-wave radio navigation are not available as a kind … in general something like the end of the world and described.

Other values ​​of the scale (G) and the corresponding values ​​of the Kp-index (Kp).

G0 – Kp <5 Without storm Geomagnetic conditions from calm to disturbed (pronounced influence is not seen). In the high (> 65 °) latitudes.
G1 – Kp = 5 Weak storm. Minor disruptions in the operation of power systems. Changes in the ways of migration of animals and birds. At the geographical latitude of St. Petersburg [Corrected Magnetic Latitude = 56.1 °]).
G2 – Kp = 6 Average storm. In power systems located in high latitudes, there may be voltage failures. A prolonged geomagnetic storm can cause malfunctions in transformer substations. At the geographical latitude of Pskov [Corrected Magnetic Latitude = 54 °]).
G3 – Kp = 7 Moderate storm. The occurrence of overvoltages in the industrial power grid. False tripping automatic. Short-term failures of GPS-navigation and low-frequency radio navigation. Short-wave communication interruptions. At the latitude of Riga [Corrected Magnetic Latitude = 51 °], Moscow [Corrected Magnetic Latitude = 51.8 °]).
G4 – Kp = 8 A strong storm. Large-scale occurrence of overvoltages in the industrial power grid. Widespread false operation of emergency protective systems (gas stations). The short-wave coupling is unstable. GPS navigation deteriorates for several hours. There is no mid-wave radio navigation.

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