On Mars found unique rocks

A highly sensitive camera, which is the scientific base of the Martian Reconnaissance Apparatus, photographed naked rocks on the Red Planet.

Representatives of the American Space Agency showed the general public a new image of Mars. It was made by HiRISE high resolution camera, which is installed on the board of the MRO (NASA) Martial Reconnaissance Apparatus.

The photo shows a nameless crater near the area of ​​Mare Serpentis. This area shows some exotic soils that are exposed as a result of the eruption. Such eruptions on Mars are of special scientific interest. Such eruptions can also be attributed to the eruption of the crater Hargraves, in the Nili Fossae region. This Martian region was seen as a potential landing pad for the next rover 2020.

In the various colors presented in this photo, rocks and minerals are shown, which were exposed under the influence of an ancient volcanic eruption. In blue, HiRISE shows infrared shots of minerals rich in iron. In these bowels are covered olivine and pyroxene. Lighter colors, such as yellow, indicate the presence of altered rocks under the influence of some external factors.

In fact, in this area there are just two craters in close proximity to each other. At the moment, scientists can not say exactly which of the two volcanoes caused the eruption, which exposed the interesting and diverse rocks presented in the photo.

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