On Mars they found a “lizard”

A popular virtual ufologist, Scott C. Waring, claims to have found in the photograph from Mars an interesting anomaly similar to a terrestrial lizard.

In the photo received by the rovers “Curiosity” and displayed on the official NASA website on March 18, 2017, the rover bracket is visible, on which a drilling rig intended for collecting Martian soil samples is fixed.

Above the bracket, the ufologist examined something that looked like a small lizard, which, it seems, caught on the swivel disk. Indeed, the picture shows a sharp muzzle with a high tuft to the back, small paws and a bent tail.

In the next picture, taken 9 minutes after the first one, you can see that the bracket is already unfolded with the disk down, and only dark Martian sand is visible on the place where the “lizard” was.

It is quite obvious that Scott Warring, after viewing all the pictures of the Sol1640 series and not finding a strange anomaly on either of them, took it for a living being very much like extinct dinosaurs on the Earth, which had already crawled elsewhere, or climbed deeper into the bracket and swept On Mars with a breeze.

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