On Omsk watched the fall of several meteorites

Yesterday, 16 January 2017, residents of the Russian city of Omsk, witnessed flying over a city of several meteorites.

The driver followed at 18.50 on the bridge in the side of the street Zavertyaeva witnessed a bright flash in the sky. Other witnesses also managed to see flashes in the sky with my own eyes, but also to record the events on video.

According to the inhabitants of the city, the flash over the city, also observed on the Left Bank and on the Eastern stop, also, there have been reports of eyewitnesses of the fall of meteorites in Port Arthur.

Astronomers have confirmed that on Omsk there was a fall of meteorites. they all burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere. According to the local branch of the emergencies Ministry, the victims and destructions. What is this unusual cosmic activity at the moment is not known.

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