On the asteroid Eros discovered an alien station

In the image of the asteroid Eros made by the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft on May 1, 2000, when it was at an orbital altitude of 53 km (33 miles), it is visible, a large rectangular object, 45 meters in diameter.

Considering the fact that data from the spacecraft collected on Eros in December 1998 suggest that it can contain 20,000 billion kilograms of aluminum and a similar amount of other metals that are rare on Earth, such as gold and platinum, it is possible that this object is a mining station that was used by advanced alien civilization to extract all these valuable metals.

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The asteroids converging with the Earth are a group of small celestial bodies whose orbit has a chance in future to cross with our planet. The asteroid Eros – is among the most studied asteroids in the solar system. He became the first small space body to receive an artificial satellite – the NEAR probe. A landing probe on Eros – the world’s first landing on an asteroid

Eros belongs to the class of asteroids S – the so-called stone asteroids, the material of which consists of silicon and metals. Due to this they are quite bright – the largest objects of the S-class can be seen in a regular binocular. Such asteroids also contain a large amount of minerals. After analyzing the composition of Eros, the scientists once again started talking seriously about the industrial development of outer space. The interest in Eros and other characteristics of Eros are fueled, namely:

The weight of Eros is 6.69 · 1015 kilograms, which is a bit even for an asteroid. However, if we take into account the size of the asteroid – 34.4 km in diameter in the widest place – it turns out that Eros is quite dense, about 2.67 g / cm³. The same density would have an aluminum monolith of similar dimensions. Similar characteristics have the crust. By the way, even with its small size, Eros is the second largest among near-Earth asteroids.

The shape of Eros is irregular, elongated and often compared with peanuts. Because of this, the center of gravity shifts, which creates extremely interesting effects. Moving in its orbit, Eros does not rotate, like spherical bodies – and somersaults, like a boulder rolling from the hill. This also leads to differences in gravitational force. However, it is very easy to overcome it. A man would be able to leave Eros with the help of a foot thrust.

Orbital characteristics of Eros – its main attraction. Around the Sun, he turns for 1.7 of the Earth year, around his own axis – for 5 and a half hours. But the real feature of Eros is that it belongs to the group of Cupids – asteroids, whose orbit is similar to the terrestrial, but lies further from the Sun. So, none of the Cupids can approach the Sun closer than 1.017 “standard” distance from the Sun to Earth – an astronomical unit. By the way, the Earth itself can move away from the Sun at such a distance – when reaches aphelion, the maximum distance from the luminary. This happens in the middle of summer, between 3 and 7 July.

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