On the Indian village fell two meteorites

Two meteoric hot stones fell from the sky in India, and this is not the first time this happened in this village. The fall of meteorites was accompanied by a violent explosion and the formation of small shock krauters.

Two hot “cosmic stones” fell from the sky in the village of Uttar Pradesh in the province of Kasoli. Meteorite-like objects will be checked by a team of scientists who will try to determine the composition of non-terrestrial objects.

A professor of geology from a local college said that these two “stones” could be part of a larger meteoroid that exploded when entering the dense layers of Earth’s atmosphere.

It is interesting that it was to the same village in 2003 that a small meteorite fell from space, which also fell on the territory of the settlement. Dimensions of the then fallen space visitor reached 30 centimeters. After the fall, he left a deep crater on the surface of the earth.

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