On the Martian plateau of Thaumasia discovered life

Plateau of Tasmania is considered to be the oldest fault system that occurred in the Hesperia period of about 3.8 – 1.8 billion years ago.

Using the information obtained from the Mars Odyssey, which launched to the Red planet in 2001, experts have conducted many studies and experiments. In the course of these surveys confirmed the volcanic origin of the plateau.

In detail having studied soil chemistry and Mineralogy, scientists have discovered substances that can indicate the presence of living organisms.

On the surface there is a sufficiently large concentration of such substances as potassium and sulfur. The presence of these elements in soil is an indicator of the presence of water in the area. It could be in any of their aggregate States.

The presence of water, gives a high probability of detection of life on the plateau of Thaumasia. However, scientists say it’s at 100%. Their findings, they will be checked experimentally and to continue the study.

The mountainous terrain of the plateau is complicated by scientific research. However, scientists hope that the five stations that are in orbit of Mars, will help to prove this assumption.

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