On the Sun, a rare magnetic fiber

For about two weeks, astronomers have watched as an unusual magnetic fiber glides over the Sun’s disk. Most solar fibers are almost linear, but it has the shape of a circle with a diameter of more than 125,000 km. Today it revolves over the western limb of the star, where it was captured by Randy Shivak from the city of Istero, Florida, USA.

“Observing the solar fiber above the horizon is a great way to study its structure,” says Shivak. – I took a picture using my refractive telescope Astro-Physics 152mm F8, an Angstrom Daystar Quantum PE .5 filter and a ZWO asi174mm camcorder. ”

The unusual structure of this fiber can be unstable. Magnetic fields are twisted in such a way that they can cross and explode – a process known as magnetic reconnection. Explosion on the solar limb is an impressive sight.

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