Over Central Russia exploded superblad

Last Thursday, June 21, in the sky above Chernozem, a bright object was seen, which burnt out in the atmosphere in a matter of seconds. Loud cotton around 4:20 am Moscow time heard the residents of several areas.

At first, it was assumed that it was space debris that flooded near-Earth space. However, now experts are inclined to believe that this was a meteorite, since artificial celestial objects enter the atmosphere more slowly and at a greater angle, and here we see a rapid vertical fall.

As shown by the data of the European meteorological satellite Meteosat, the meteorite exploded on the border of the Tula and Lipetsk regions. In its brightness, it was classified as a superbold.

According to NASA satellite data, the explosion power was three kilotons in TNT, the speed of the object was 14.6 km / s, and the explosion occurred at an altitude of 28 km. Based on this information, astronomers calculated that before entering the atmosphere, the meteorite reached a minimum of three meters. There is a possibility that part of his wreckage fell to the ground.

Although the Lipetsk meteorite was much smaller than Chelyabinsk, which reached 19.8 meters, such events are very rare for densely populated areas. Usually such objects explode over the ocean.

Currently, scientists are busy determining the exact place of the fall of the space visitor and asking all eyewitnesses to share the footage.

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