Pandora at a short distance

How craters of the small satellite of Saturn – Pandora at a short distance look? To find out this question, the American Space Agency NASA sent the automated Cassini spaceship to visit Pandora’s vicinities.

Flight by this moon was successfully executed two weeks ago. Within this rapprochement pictures of a surface of Pandora were made the Cassini cameras. At the same time, special attention was paid to satellite craters.

Scientific missions report that within this flight they managed to receive excellent shots of high-res. Photos were made from distance of 40 000 kilometers from the surface of the satellite. Studying the received images, scientists could consider 300-meter structures on the surface of the satellite with a diameter of 80 kilometers.

There is such feeling that craters on Pandora are covered with special material, providing more smooth surface, than at gubkoobrazny Hyperion, other small moon of Saturn. Curious deepenings and ridges as it appeared, are characteristic of both small satellites of Saturn.

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