Photo of vortices in the atmosphere of Jupiter

The probe “Juno” photographed vortices in the atmosphere of Jupiter during the 12th scientific approach to the gas giant on April 1, 2018. On the frames – the eastern region of the Great Red Spot, the largest Jovian storm.

At the moment when the JunoKam tool recorded cloudy twists, the probe was at an altitude of 12 326 km above the tops of the clouds of the planet at the northern latitude of 50.2 degrees.

The mission was launched in August 2011. In July 2016 the apparatus of “Juno” arrived to Jupiter. The task of the probe is to take samples from the clouds of a giant planet and learn more about the atmosphere, its composition, structure and history.

Scientists want to determine the volume of water in the atmosphere of Jupiter, study the composition and temperature of the clouds of the planet, draw a map of magnetic and gravitational fields and explore the magnetosphere next to the poles of the planet, paying special attention to the polar lights.

“Juno” revolves around Jupiter in elliptical polar orbit, approaching 4100 km to the surface of the planet every 53 days.

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