Received a unique 100-megapixel image of the Moon

How many times have you been staring at the moon, trying to examine each crater? Most people think that this is impossible without a powerful telescope or direct travel to the satellite, but technology proves the opposite.

NASA’s Image Processing Wizard, Shawn Doran, combined images taken by the orbiter Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, creating something incredible – a 100-megapixel photo of the Moon, which was published on its “space” page in Flickr.

One LRO WAC image has a resolution of 100 meters per pixel and covers about 60 km of the Moon’s surface. The images were taken from a vertical perspective, so to get the shape of the moon ball, Doran needed to apply them to the sphere using the altimeter data. As a result, he got an image, increasing the scale of which, you can observe all the wealth of detail of the lunar relief.

To view all the details, download the image. Its full size is 15.5 MB.

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