Record supermoon can be observed on 13 and 14 November

The inhabitants of the Earth 13 and 14 November, immediately after sunset will be able to see a record-high moon over the past nearly 70 years.

These days the Moon is as close to the Ground at the time of the full moon and will look at 12.5 percent more than usual. According to NASA scientist Noah Petro, a supermoon can be seen in the evening of 13 November.

“The difference in distance (between the Moon and Earth) in the night of Sunday and Monday will be slight, so if Sunday will be cloudy, go out and see on Monday,” he said.

As explained by the Director of the Special astrophysical Observatory of RAS Valery Vlasyuk, the supermoon is a beautiful visual effect depending on the distance between the earth and the Moon. In case of good weather you can see the large disk of the moon. The next time this astronomical phenomenon will be December 14, 2016.

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