Ring of Saturn with maximum detail

Experts from the American Space Agency NASA provided the most detailed picture of one of Saturn’s rings for today.

This is the ring B, whose diameter is 25,500 kilometers. This ring belongs to the main rings of Saturn. All rings of this group consist mainly of water ice and impurities of silicate dust, with about 99% of the water ice particles.

In the image below you can see the ring B in stunning detail due to a good increase. This image was taken by a wide-angle camera of the Cassini automatic interplanetary station on December 18, 2016 from a distance of 51,000 kilometers from the rings. The scale of the photo is 360 meters by 1 pixel.

This unique photo shows a very rich and diverse structure of the B ring of Saturn.

To save the smallest details, this image was not processed. There have not even been removed the numerous small bright spots that were created by cosmic rays and radiation of charged particles.

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