“Roskosmos” approved the model of the station “Moon-25”

Specialists of the Russian space agency approved the design mock-up of the Moon-25 station, developed in the framework of the experimental design of the Luna-Glob project. Moreover, not so long ago, Russian scientists have chosen even the optimal landing site for the probe.

As the general director of JSC “NGO Lavochkina”, responsible for the implementation of the mission, said during the report, Sergey Lemeshevsky,

“The automatic interplanetary station” Moon-25 “will be the first mission within the framework of the Russian lunar program. The aim of the project is to create an automatic probe for complex investigations on the lunar surface in the circumpolar region. The total implementation period is 3.5 years. All activities for this project will be completed on schedule. ”

In addition, the head of the NGO Lavochkin stressed the need to disseminate the experience gained for all the further stages of the RDC Luna-Glob (part of which is Moon-25), as well as the international ExoMars project.

It is worth recalling that “Moon-25” is part of a large-scale Russian lunar program for the exploration and practical use of the moon and near-moon space by automatic interplanetary stations. The aim of the project is to launch an automatic probe, the orbital part of which should carry out remote studies and selection of suitable sites for subsequent descent vehicles. The landing gear will explore the surface in the region of the south pole of the Moon. The launch of a large-scale space mission is scheduled for 2019.

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