Russia is preparing for the exploration of Mars

Scale the space mission ExoMars is in full swing. Less than three weeks, the spacecraft, launched jointly by Russian and European experts in March, will be released on the Martian orbit. The head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov informed Vladimir Putin. He spoke about the other space and a near plans of Russia.

Conversation with the President talking about the promising research in space and how are things at the Russian space Agency on Earth.

Igor Anatolyevich, we are in the time, not so long ago, had a long argument about how to organize, even to rearrange the work in the space field. In the end, decided to work on the creation of the Corporation. Technically, a lot of things already done. How’s it going? – asked the President.

A fundamentally new element was the creation of the relay group Beam, which allows to track the trajectory and control the flight more than 70 spacecraft. By the way, this system was used on the Eastern spaceport, allowed to control to transmit telemetry to convey control signals to the booster, — said General Director of State Corporation for space activities of Roscosmos Igor Komarov.

The whole country is now like under the microscope. During the day you can get an image from any point of Russia and not only Russia. A resolution of 70 centimeters. This cosmic magnifying glass, we are talking about satellites which provide high resolution sensing of the Earth, consists of 8 units.

Furthermore, it is known that Russia has maintained its leadership in number of starts: almost a third is accounted for by our country. And if you add those runs, which were secured by domestic engines, it is already more than 40 percent.

The development of space says a record number of contracts Roscosmos — 31 for the year. They relate to ten upcoming launches heavy carrier rocket proton in 2018 and 2019. And finally another giant project ExoMars — a study of the red planet.

A proton rocket from Baikonur carries the scientific modules on Mars using the most direct route — a total of 75 million kilometers.

Perhaps soon there will be first data from the red planet.

In the near future, October 19, come out to the orbit of Mars and begin to study the surface of Mars. And then we will descent landing module, — says Igor Komarov.

And what is it? – asked Putin.

Will the technology of planting equipment, which will explore the surface of Mars. From orbit, the instruments will study the atmosphere of Mars and give important results for scientists, ” says the head of Roscosmos.

One of the main objectives is to find out where in the atmosphere of Mars appear gas impurities from deep within the earth or is it a sign that the planet still has microorganisms. And in 2020 on the Red planet must send a Mars Rover, in addition to surface mount and stationary laboratory. While the unique drilling rig will allow you to take samples of soil from the two-meter depth. More recently, this seemed impossible.

But it’s the future. In addition to promising areas of the Russian space Agency now decides on financial matters of many well-known enterprises, for example, about the Center Khrunichev. The legendary team was a difficult period, accumulated debts. It is expected that by the end of 2016 financial difficulties must be solved.

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