Russia opened an automatic space debris tracking station in Brazil

Space debris can become a serious problem for the planet Earth and orbital vehicles, but at the moment there are no effective methods of combating it, everything is mostly limited to systems for monitoring the movement of garbage and several technologies that are still in development. But there are already effective and modern warning systems for dangerous objects. The press service of Roskosmos reports that Russian specialists recently opened one of such stations in Brazil.

The main purpose of the automatic warning system for dangerous situations in the near-Earth space is to monitor the movement of space debris, control its convergence with orbiting vehicles and accompanying falling satellites.

In addition to the already launched automated station, in Brazil, soon to open three more such installations. Representatives of the state corporation Roskosmos, the research and production corporation “Precision Instrument-Making Systems”, delegates of the Brazilian Space Agency and others visited the presentation devoted to the introduction of the first facility into operation.

The automatic warning station is located on the territory of the Pico dos Díaz Observatory.

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