Russian scientists are developing a mission to deliver soil from Mars to Earth

Russian scientists are developing a mission to deliver soil to Earth from Mars, the scientific director of the Lev Green Institute said at a scientific conference at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Currently, Russia and Europe are implementing the project “ExoMars”, aimed at finding life on Mars. The first stage of the transfer to the Red Planet of an interplanetary station for the study of the planet from orbit was realized. For 2020, it is planned to launch a Russian-European landing station to Mars.

“For the future, we are thinking about preparing a mission to return ground from Phobos, and, finally, this, of course, will be a step towards a more complex mission to return soil from Mars,” he said.

According to the presentation presented by him, such a project is possible after 2025. It should be a continuation of the mission “Boomerang” for the delivery of earth from the satellite of Mars Phobos. The implementation of this project is possible in 2024-2025.

The presentation indicates that the participation in these projects of the European Space Agency is being discussed.

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