Scientists are exploring the field of mahanavami on Mars

The European spacecraft Mars Express has made the image one of the largest canal systems on Mars. We are talking about the system of Kasei Valles. It extends approximately 3000 km from its base in the valley of the Mariner.

A combination of factors such as volcanism, tectonics, and some others, led to several major releases of groundwater from the area of Echus Chasma, which subsequently flooded the Kasei Valles area of approximately 3.6 – 3.4 billion years ago. A new image of this region was received on may 25, 2016.

Under the onslaught of floods of the craters were destroyed; others survived only partially, and some remain almost untouched. In total, this area of the traces 25 craters. Under the influence of rapidly advancing water, on the surface of the red Planet traces in the form of a network of intertwined channels.

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