Scientists explain the origin of the brightest cosmic explosion

The brightest cosmic explosion GRB 221009A, detected in October 2022, was caused by a structured jet aimed directly at the Earth. This allowed scientists to conduct a detailed study of the mechanisms of black hole formation and the functioning of dark matter.

A gamma-ray burst is a large-scale cosmic release of gamma-ray energy. Scientists have determined that the brightest explosion was caused by a structured jet, an instantaneous ejection after the death of a star. Its core shrank, forming a black hole, and then the shell exploded, creating a gamma-ray burst. However, the light persisted for another two months after the explosion, which is unusual for such phenomena.

Scientists have already concluded that the jet GRB 221009A was directed toward Earth, which explains its brightness. Specialists have investigated the cause of the prolonged light and have concluded that it is due to the presence of a substance that slows down the movement of gamma rays. This may be related to the dark matter observed in the universe.

“The explosion happened close and is clearly visible, so we have an opportunity to understand how black holes form and investigate dark matter,” says Dr. Brendan O’Connor.

The study of GRB 221009A will help scientists better understand the processes taking place in space and open up new possibilities for studying dark matter and black holes.

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