Scientists found a black hole that generates the stars

Experts at mit first discovered the black hole that is capable of creating stars.

As the stars appear

Black hole found by astronomers located in the galaxy cluster Phoenix at a distance of 5.7 billion light years from Earth. The cluster includes more than a thousand galaxies, the most massive of them is in the center.

A cluster of galaxies produces more than thousands of new stars every year

This is a very high figure, and for a long time, astrophysicists could not explain why this is so. Later they found out that the black hole ejects huge amounts of gas, which is suitable for the formation of new stars. Gas jets create huge bubbles, then in a sparse environment having a jet of relatively cold gas. Of them directly and formed the source material for creating stars.
Photo of a black hole, made from images obtained with the radio telescope “Chandra” (NASA) and the complex of radio telescopes ALMA in the Chilean Atacama desert. Blue shows bubbles of gas, red – material for the formation of stars:

According to Professor Michael MacDonald, the cold gas is the raw material that the galaxy used to spawn new stars. But usually the jet of cooled gas and inhibit star formation, as heated cold gas surrounding the black hole.

Thus, scientists have proved that black holes are able to develop their own “building material” to create new stars. Black hole located in the cluster Phoenix, was the first of its kind – usually black holes only absorb, generating nothing. Now a team of astrophysicists working on the determination of the mass of the black hole, as well as the identification of other black holes that generate the stars in the Universe.

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