Scientists have allowed the availability of water reserves on the Moon

Scientists expressed the opinion that large reserves of water can be hidden on the Moon.
The liquid can be in the core or mantle of an earth satellite, Nation News reports. Experts came to this conclusion after analyzing samples of lunar rocks. As it turned out, the hydrogen in them is absolutely identical to the terrestrial one.
This assumption confirms the theory that the Moon was formed from the debris of the Earth after the collision of our planet with a large space body about 4.5 billion years ago.
At the same time, researchers noted that it is impossible to find water precisely on the surface of a satellite of the Earth, since the Moon has neither an atmosphere nor a magnetic field. Because of this, under the influence of sunlight, water instantly evaporates.
We add that traces of water were found in the lunar craters in 2008 by the satellite “Chandaryan-1”.

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