Scientists have determined where the dust comes from on Mars

By a lucky chance, we managed to find out the cause of the dust on the Red Planet.

A recent study by scientists from the Johns Hopkins University showed that the dust that covers most of the surface of the Red Planet is derived from one single geological formation, one thousand kilometers long. It’s about Medusae Fossae Formation.

All the details of this study were published in the periodical scientific publication Nature Communications. It is worth emphasizing the fact that the chemical composition of dust in the Medusae Fossae Formation area is very similar to the composition of dust in the Martian atmosphere.

“We realized that Mars would not be so dusty if there was not such a huge formation on its surface that is gradually breaking down and essentially” polluting “the planet,” said research co-author Kevin Lewis, a senior lecturer at Johns Hopkins University.

Obviously, if there were water and precipitation on the surface of Mars in the form of rain or snow, then this planet would not be so dusty.

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